Jump On The School Bus | About Us

Jump On The School Bus was a light bulb moment that popped up over Sierra's head while at Butterfly Beach, Montecito in 2011.

And so the story goes... while basking in the sun Sierra turned to Darin and casually said, "hey baby, what if we buy a School Bus and do wine learning tours.  We'll keep it yellow.  We'll need a gimmick. I will dress up like a rocky horror picture show type character, maybe a dominatrix principal type.  I'll carry a ruler and a whip.  You can dress up like a nutty/hot professor and we'll offer wine learning tours and I'll give them a report card at the end." 

Darin replied, "that is absolutely the DUMBEST idea I have ever heard!"

Sierra's response... "If it doesn't work, we'll live in it!" 

It's been seven (7) years since conception and using their wedding day (pictured to the below) to launch their first "roving wedding" bus on 11-11-11 Santa Barbara. 

Wedding Day 11-11-11

Wedding Day 11-11-11

Now the entire JOTSB team and drivers specialize in wedding transportation. In 2017 the team provided transportation for over 200 weddings. 

When they are not sold out for weddings, they offer the best wine and beer tours in the Santa Barbara region.

All the buses have personalities of their own and are named after ships.  Their newest additions to the fleet are: #21 The U.S.S.B. Triumph, #22 The U.S.S.B. Alliance and #23 The U.S.S.B. Freedom.

As of January 2018 they now have one of the largest fleets in the tri-counties which consists of almost 23 re-purposed school buses. 

Check out this totally silly video commercial we made back in the day with Titan-Dan as the spokes-dog.

Darin handles all the sales and can be reached via text or call at 805-331-2301.